Gall Bladder Blues

I thought the pain in my side was a pulled muscle, but I realized that it wasn’t when it never went away. I visited my primary care doctor and she suspected it was my gall bladder. I had an ultrasound and then an MRI. I have gallstones.

I met with the surgeon on Friday. His actual words were, “you have a ton of gallstones”. So out my gall bladder must come.

Gall bladder above pancreas

I will be having it done at Strong West in Brockport, NY. The goal is to do it laparoscopically and I will come home again the same day. If they can’t do it laparoscopically he will switch to a full surgery. If that happens, I will get transferred by ambulance to the regular hospital to stay for a few days.

I don’t know when they’re doing the surgery yet. The surgeon said someone will call me to schedule it, but they won’t make me wait very long. I should be out of work for a couple of weeks.

At this point I just want it behind me. It’s annoying, uncomfortable and at times painful.

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