Twitter Jail

I got my first Twitter suspension. I commented on a political post, and they locked my account.

After years of being mostly apolitical and forty years of being a registered Republican (in name only), I realized I no longer agreed with what they stood for. My husband is a conservative political blogger, and after too many years of listening to the one-sided stuff he was espousing, I started reading what the other side was saying. I was surprised to find I agreed with the liberals.

I dropped my affiliation altogether a few years ago and then earlier this year I re-registered as a Democrat.

It has been so freeing to be able to speak my mind without being shot down for having conflicting ideas. It was also nice to connect with like-minded people online.

Yes, I got temporarily locked out of Twitter for commenting on a tRump post. Someone asked how people felt about Nancy Pelosi wanting to punch him out. I agreed he needed a punch and that got me suspended for being a bully. 🙄 Seriously? There is far worse on the platform.

Oh, well, they will let me post again eventually.

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