I had a blog a few years back. In fact I’ve had several. I deleted them all when I got bored with blogging.

I had a book review blog, a squirrel blog, a blog for my two cats, and an all purpose general blog.

I was never a daily blogger although inspired by others efforts I certainly tried. It began to feel forced and like a chore so I let some of them go. I concentrated on the general one and combined my ideas there.

I still had nothing new to say. It felt like a litany of whines and complaining. No one wants to read that, do they? A core group of friends (four? five?) were good about liking each post, but even I grew tired of my own voice and the sheer monotony of what I was posting.

Just over a week in to a new blog and I’m starting to feel bored and boring all over again. How do folks blog every day? I’m afraid I’m just not that interested or interesting.

Meg looking bored with my whining

Is there something here I’m missing?

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  1. I wondered where you went! Glad to see you back. I found the pressure of daily, then bi-weekly, then weekly blogging too much but I’m now doing monthly blogs and that works for me. I like to keep a blog so that I can refer back to where I was or something I did easily. I don’t have many readers anymore but, oh, well…only do what you find fun. I like the PINK look!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I got fed up one day and just deleted everything and canceled my domains. I stopped blogging. I’m not sorry that I did. The break was nice. The hardest part was finding my friends again when I restarted. My memory isn’t what it was. I remembered first names or parts of blog names. It took a bit of searching to find people. I don’t really have a set schedule. I will blog as I can.


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