I Miss My Work

I miss my work, the parts, pieces and components of it. I’m a detail oriented person and what I do involves a lot of document analysis, review and dissection. I then input information and due dates into a docketing or tickler system. I’m very good at what I do.

With my surgery date looming closer, it was necessary and essential for others to learn how to do my job so that the work would continue to be processed while I am out. Two people have split my work between them. My days now consist of reviewing their completion of my work. They are doing great.

I am doing nothing.

I miss my work.

3 thoughts on “I Miss My Work

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  1. Are you back at work again or doing some work you love?

    I sincerely hope you by now have found other ways to express yourself and to make the best out of your life, now taking also more time for yourself.

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    1. Yes, I’m back at work. Busy as ever. It was just difficult training others and doing nothing while they did everything. It was necessary for others to take over while I was out on disability. I enjoy what I do but my job is definitely not my everything. I have a family and cats, and I play bass guitar.


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