Exactly three years ago I noticed that we had a uniquely colored baby squirrel out back.


Today he’s grown into a beautiful, mostly white squirrel. He’s quite the looker, and he comes when he’s called. I worry often about his safety (cars drive through here way too fast), and squirrels often pay the price. He’s pretty smart for a squirrel, though, and wasn’t at all interested in standing still long enough for me to get a good picture of him. He’s much more striking in person.

Meet Barry (white) squirrel.

10/30/2022 – hiding under my son’s car

3 thoughts on “Barry

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    1. He comes to the door and begs for almonds. He’s really cute. I wonder sometimes if he’s related to Sera, the gray female who used to sit on the porch railing and ask for peanuts. A son or grandson of hers maybe. As for the white, I’ve never seen one either. A mutation I guess.

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  1. An albino? Or partial one anyway. Cute as a button. We don’t have these guys, we have been blessed with many other animals here in Australia…poisonous snakes, spiders, sea life…oh, and some of the humans are poisonous too 🤣. Mind you, your other post on kids tormenting that squirrel, send them over here, this place will teach them respect or they will get sick or die very quickly. Great post Donna, thank you for the share and smile it brought 😀


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