That Guy

Yes, I’m afraid I’ve become “that guy”. No, I’m not an obnoxious lawn lover like my crazy next door neighbor. I had a very good reason for yelling at the neighborhood kids today.

I have zero tolerance for cruelty to animals. I was sitting and working and I heard the little bastards from across the street with their nasty friends trying to catch something in the neighbor’s bushes. I looked out, and they had cornered a gray squirrel who was terrified. One brat had a metal baseball bat; the other one a big rock. I went outside just as they were chasing the squirrel across the road and up my driveway. I yelled, “Get out of my yard and stay out of it if you’re going to be mean to animals! How would you like it if I chucked a rock at you?” They all looked at me like I had three heads. The squirrel was safe so I went back inside.

Within seconds I could hear some woman talking to them over there. I then noticed she sent them all home, and the grandkids both went inside.

I don’t care if they think I’m a mean old lady. I’m not tolerating that kind of unnecessary meanness. Those little snots are going to grow up to be rotten adults. I will bet their parents never ever yell at them or punish them. This is what you get when you are shitty parents. Cruel, shitty kids.

What happened to teaching kids how to be good and to appreciate the beauty in nature? My boys never mistreated animals. It only takes a few minutes of your time when they’re little to teach them how to be kind to all life.

That was distressing to me, and I can’t imagine how the squirrel felt. He didn’t ask for any of that. He was minding his own business and just being a squirrel.

Stupid kids.

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