Results Are In

Me waiting for the PA today.

My gallbladder was considered interesting enough that it was chosen to be the week’s teaching tool. It was discussed at a doctor’s conference. (Case reviewed at the intradepartmental GI pathology consensus conference.) I’m glad it did something useful anyway. I’m well rid of it.

The pathology report said my gallbladder was full of stones and the cystic bile duct (the one they remove with the gallbladder) was blocked by a rather large gallstone. That was the reason for my near constant pain.

Thankfully, no cancer was found.

My gallbladder was an Intrahepatic gallbladder (within the liver). This is one of the ectopic locations of the gallbladder. It’s classed as a congenital (present from birth) anomaly and is rare. An intrahepatic gallbladder usually has impaired function because it does not empty completely, with many such patients developing gallstones as a result of bile stasis. Consequently, a large number of patients will require surgery.

I’m healing well, and I’m now down 15 pounds.

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