Music Heals

I didn’t intend to play my bass last evening. Something made me sit down anyway. I played both of my Ibanez five string basses. The green one is full size and the black one is a short scale. I’ve been playing the short scale for so long I actually found the bigger bass difficult to play. It hurt my hands.

I love playing. Even though I felt bad in general yesterday making music lifted my mood and helped me forget my wonky stomach. I felt better afterwards.

Learning to play changed my life, and regular playing continues to improve my days.

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    1. There are 6 string and 8 string basses, too. My teacher plays a 5 string. I bought one because I play metal and hard rock. The advantage is the low B string is really deep and growly. The disadvantage is it’s harder to tune it, it rattles a bit, and the low string doesn’t always stay in tune. It’s been fun learning to play it. I use the five string now for everything including the four string songs I already knew. It’s a challenge keeping that string quiet sometimes, too. If you bump it, it makes noise (vibrates). I’m learning a newer song now and my teacher has me using the fifth string quite a bit.


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