I Hate Teeth

Sorry not a happy post. I’ve had a bad week. Tuesday I went for a crown preparation appointment at my dentist on a tooth that had a temporary filling in it for quite some time. I put it off longer than I should have because I hate teeth. As a result it had some fresh decay in it.

While I there the technician messed up twice and my dentist was not pleased. It was a comedy of errors. When I first went in, she put the material used to make an impression of my tooth in on the wrong side of my mouth. I had to tell her she had the wrong tooth so I ended up with the purple modeling clay all around the inside of my mouth (where it wasn’t supposed to be). I was still picking it out after I got home. I was in the chair for an hour while my dentist tried to get all of the decay out without removing the entire filling. The novocaine was not entirely effective either. The tooth kept on hurting.

After he finished working on the tooth, the technician had to make the temporary crown and she put that preparation in wrong and got it all over the surrounding teeth so then the dentist had to actually use the drill on my other teeth to get it off because it had hardened.

I was in so much pain Tuesday night I didn’t know what to do and Tylenol really did not help. I was up at 3 a.m. popping more Tylenol. I called in sick to work Wednesday.

I called the dentist Wednesday afternoon because I sensed the tooth was still not “right”. It was hot and cold sensitive, toothpaste made it hurt, and using mouthwash was agonizing. It was like a raw, open wound. The dentist sent me to the endodontist/root canal specialist.

My root canal did not go well either. I had a low blood sugar episode in their chair. The novocaine had epinephrine in it. The dentist said the epinephrine sucks out the blood sugar. I hadn’t eaten anything other than cream of wheat for breakfast so I got an extreme headache behind my eyes. I thought the top of my head was coming off.

I was so embarrassed as they fussed over me and I sat there with cold, wet cloths on my forehead, throat, back of neck, and wrists. I had them open the windows because I got so flushed and hot. They kept taking my blood pressure (it was fine), and they made me drink soda to raise my blood sugar. Not a fun time.

And now sadly the root canal is only half done. The tooth kept hurting as he worked on it (numb as I was). He said it was infected. He filled the canals with medicine and put me on an antibiotic. I go back April 19 to finish the procedure.

I hate teeth. This one in particular has decided to be a royal pain in the butt.

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