Sleep is Crummy

Last night

Sleep fight

Painful tummy

Sleep is crummy

But it’s not my thoughts that were keeping me awake..,

Today is world sleep day my meditation app tells me. I find it ironic that last night was one of my bad nights. I discovered today that one of the low fat frozen meals I truly enjoy has Xanthan gum in it. Xanthan gum is an additive used as a thickening agent. Xanthan gum is NOT my friend. I won’t be eating that meal again.

My entire household was up at 3:00-something last night. Son #1 had a low blood sugar issue, son #2 was trying to figure out what the cat was screeching about in the basement, and I was sick and couldn’t sleep.

I am moving very slowly today.

Not the most interesting of posts. Sorry.


I had a blog a few years back. In fact I’ve had several. I deleted them all when I got bored with blogging.

I had a book review blog, a squirrel blog, a blog for my two cats, and an all purpose general blog.

I was never a daily blogger although inspired by others efforts I certainly tried. It began to feel forced and like a chore so I let some of them go. I concentrated on the general one and combined my ideas there.

I still had nothing new to say. It felt like a litany of whines and complaining. No one wants to read that, do they? A core group of friends (four? five?) were good about liking each post, but even I grew tired of my own voice and the sheer monotony of what I was posting.

Just over a week in to a new blog and I’m starting to feel bored and boring all over again. How do folks blog every day? I’m afraid I’m just not that interested or interesting.

Meg looking bored with my whining

Is there something here I’m missing?

Blues Bass

It’s been four years now that I’ve been taking weekly lessons and working on learning how to play the bass guitar.

I worked first with a guitar teacher who taught me the basics. I resisted using proper finger placement, insisting it hurt my (old) arthritic hands. I didn’t do myself any favors. I did learn to play a bunch of cool songs with my first teacher.

The last year I’ve been working with a teacher who is an actual bass player. He’s stricter about finger placement and playing scales. I’ve learned to listen to the music and know whether it’s in a major or a minor key. I can even figure out the notes if necessary just by ear.

Playing bass isn’t easy, but it’s always fun and interesting. In the clip I’m working on blues type music, playing pentatonic scales. You can see by my face at the end that I wasn’t impressed by my own playing. I did mess up the finger placement on the major scale on the low B string.

Oh, well, there’s always next time.

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