I picked up my Spark Aligners today. My first impression is that they’re not comfortable. They’re also not invisible (they have bumps on them). They’re pretty hard to put in and take out. It’s kind of like when I first got contact lenses forty plus years ago. I remember sitting there and sobbing because I couldn’t make myself touch my eyeball to get the damn lenses out. The doctor says removing and replacing the aligners will get easier as I get used to doing it.

I need to take them out to eat and to drink anything other than water. I need to brush my teeth each time I eat before reinserting the aligners.

I change my aligners once a week and then in four weeks I go back to get the more advanced version. Because my teeth are extra special messed up, they’re going to put attachments on to crank my teeth into shape. That’s what the bumps are for! Then they will be more like real braces. The doctor said once he puts the attachments on they’re even harder to get off because it’s like they’re welded to your teeth. Yay.

He also said my teeth are going to get loose and wiggly in my mouth but it’s OK when that happens. They’re supposed to do that. Oh great. Something scary to look forward to.

Sorry. Ugly, crooked teeth. You can see the aligners have bumps on pretty much every tooth. Rubber bands or wires will go there.

So far, they’re not horrible. My lower front teeth are the only ones really complaining. I don’t like the spit bubbles that are accumulating under my top lip if I talk (or sing). I will get used to it. I can still whistle with them on. I’m not sure if I’ll lose that ability as my teeth move more.

Oh, the joys of TMJ and an open bite from years of teeth clenching at night.

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