Sleep is Crummy

Last night

Sleep fight

Painful tummy

Sleep is crummy

But it’s not my thoughts that were keeping me awake..,

Today is world sleep day my meditation app tells me. I find it ironic that last night was one of my bad nights. I discovered today that one of the low fat frozen meals I truly enjoy has Xanthan gum in it. Xanthan gum is an additive used as a thickening agent. Xanthan gum is NOT my friend. I won’t be eating that meal again.

My entire household was up at 3:00-something last night. Son #1 had a low blood sugar issue, son #2 was trying to figure out what the cat was screeching about in the basement, and I was sick and couldn’t sleep.

I am moving very slowly today.

Not the most interesting of posts. Sorry.

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